4000 Footer Club

Mt Carrigain
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Elevation:   4,700 Feet
Summited: September 03, 2012
Distance:    14.0 miles
Difficulty:    Moderate To Strenuous
Views:         Excellent Near Summit
Route:         Sawyer River Rd → Signal Ridge Trail → Summit → Signal Ridge Trail → Sawyer River Rd.

  I planned on hiking Carrigain because it looked like the shortest hike to a 4k footer. A quick 5mi hike up Signal Ridge and back. It was my first time hiking over 4000 feet... alone. The morning went from great to good, as Sawyer River Road was closed. That added 4 miles to my hike. It was a somewhat pleasant, albeit, hour walk to the trailhead, along Whiteface Brook. NOTE: A New Trailhead Is Located Across The River. Opposite the parking lot, the trail climbs modestly for the next mile. It levels off, the next mile or so is moderate. Just over two miles in, at about 2100 feet, the climb begins. It goes from a hike to a climb in less than a quarter of a mile, starting with a few switchbacks. The next two plus miles are a steady ascent. It took a few breaks and a couple of timeouts to make it to the crest of the ridge. There are great views to the east. From there you can see the summit and the fire tower on top. A quick twenty minutes later, you’re there.