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Mt Hale
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Elevation:   4054 feet
Summited:  August 17, 2015
Distance:    4.5 miles
Difficulty:    Easy
Views:         None/One - One viewpoint is a short distance from the summit via the Lend-A-Hand trail.
Route:         Hale Brook Trail → Hale Summit → Hale Brook Trail

From the Zealand Road trailhead, you follow the Hale Brook Trail straight to the summit. It starts out relatively easily but soon becomes more moderate as you gain elevation. For the next 20-30 minutes, the trail becomes more strenuous until you come upon Hale Brook for the first time at 0.8 miles. This is a good time to have a drink or rest your feet. After a quick rest on level ground, the trail begins to ascend more steadily. At 1.1 miles, the trail turns left sharply and climbs above Hale Brook below to your left. Soon, Hale Brook will again be crossed at 1.3 miles. Shortly, the trail becomes more aggressive through a couple of switchbacks and crosses it's last brook at 1.7 miles. The final 0.5 miles to the summit clearing is barely moderate and uneventful. A strange 360 degree clearing, with a fire tower base scattered about and an incredible summit cairn was a delightful surprise. I added a few rocks to it, myself. All in all, it was a quick summit. It took me 1 hr 45 minutes to hike up and 1 hr 15 minutes to stroll down.