In 2009, I started my journey towards the goal of becoming one of the elite members of the official AMC 4000 Footer Club. A group consisting of members who have climbed their list of NH's WMNF 48 4000 footer summits.

This website is a history of that journey. It's dedicated to the friends I have made along the way, especially to those pictured above, and to those who believe there's a subtle magnetism in Nature and find nothing more inviting than to hike up and down piles of rocks.

2017 was a short but productive year as far as 4000 Footers go. The one and only hike of the year, we managed to cross off four 4,000 Footers. It was a hike of feast or famine. Day One was a beautiful day in the seventies with partly sunny skies. The hiking was strenuous and constant, but that's what you get when you climb 2,924 feet in elevation with 50 lbs. on your back. Day Two was a nightmare, although it could have been much worse. Wind, rain and clouds helped keep the views from West Bond Mt. Bond and Bondcliff from us. It was not enough to keep us from visiting the Gypsy Cafe, on our way home. Check out the trip report for what pictures I was able to take.

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Take Heed The Warnings! On this day the summit of Mt Adams was bearly above freezing and had wind gusts around 80mph(Mt. Washington recorded 91mph). I was not wearing the right gloves and I thought my fingrers were about to fall off. It didn't help I took them off when taking pictures, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Four hours later on Rt. 2 it was a balmy 70° and mostly sunny. So please be prepared!

Last Outing - Aug 17-18, 2017:

Zealand Mtn.
West Bond
Mt. Bond

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