4000 Footer Club

Mt. Pierce
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Elevation:    4,310 Feet
Summited:   August 12, 2016
Weather:     Start - Mostly Sunny, 70's
                     End - Humid, Clouds, 90's
Distance:    4.8 miles (.9 mi up & back from Mizpah Spring Hut) 3.0 miles down
Difficulty:    Easy To Moderate
Views:         Many On The Summit Area
Route:         Webster Cliff Trail (AT) → Mt. Pierce Summit → Webster Cliff Trail →
                     Mizpah Spring Hut → Mizpah Path Cutoff → Crawford Path → Mt Clinton Road

After a night of card play and restless sleep, I was the first one outside in the morning, so I started boiling water for breakfast. After breakfast, we decided to head for the summit of Pierce. The hut was busy this morning, as I headed inside to use the facilities. The smell of showerless people drowning in sunscreen and deodorant permeated the hallways. At least it was a cool morning and all the buzz was about the Perseid Meteor Shower, which displayed itself the previous night. We followed a group of individuals from the hut to the summit of Pierce. When we got there it was partly sunny, with high cloud cover, giving excellent views of Mount Eisenhower to the north and Mount Isolation to the east. After twenty minutes or so, the low clouds moved in and visibility dropped to about 100-150 feet. So we headed back down the mountain, to the hut, to grab our packs and head down the mountain to our vehicle parked across from the AMC Highland Center. The hike down was somewhat uneventful, except for a stop at Webster Falls. A small waterfall on this day as the WMNF was in somewhat of a drought. Regardless, a dip into the pool, for some of us, was better than any shower could have been, while others just relaxed on the rocks and dipped our feet into the cool headwaters making up the Saco River. All in all, a mix of hiking this weekend. The first day was hard and exhausting, while day two, was a relaxing stroll up and down the mountain. A fantastic few days of hiking with good weather and great people.

Memorable moments: Reek/Stinky, Whre's My Mess Kit, Perseid Meteor Shower, Webster Falls Pool.