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Mt. Tom
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Elevation:    4051 Feet
Summited:  July 18, 2016
Weather:     Start - Mostly Sunny 70s, End - Rain, Clouds, 80's
Distance:    10 Mile Loop
Difficulty:    Moderate To Strenuous
Views:         Not Many Outside Summit Areas
Route:         Crawford Depot → Avalon Trail → A-Z Trail → Mt. Tom Spur → Mt. Tom Summit → Mt. Tom Spur
                     A-Z Trail → Willey Range Trail → Mt. Field Summit → Willey Range Trail
                     Mt. Willey Summit → Willey Range Trail → Mt. Field Summit → Willey Range Trail
                     Avalon Trail → Mt. Avalon Summit → Avalon Trail → Crawford Depot

   From Crawford Depot, you cross the tracks towards the Avalon Trailhead. It is an enjoyable first 15 minutes. A few quick stream crossings to get your feet under you and test your poles. Be careful, there is one false river crossing. It's at the top of small incline. The trail looks like it goes to the river and crosses, but what you'll find there are just a couple of tent sites in the bush. Back to the river crossing, the trail actually turns hard right as you approach the river. From here, it goes from a nice walk to a more moderate grade. Around 1 mile into the hike, the grade becomes even more strenuous. At 1.3 miles, the A-Z trail comes in from the left. Your trail on the way down. The trail ascends steadily to the col between Field and Tom, where it intersects with the end of the Willey Range Trail. Just before it does, Mount Tom Spur approaches from the right. A good place to drop your pack and either rest or hike on sans backpack. The latter was the best option on this day. The few hikers I passed on the trail on the way up were of no threat of taking any of my stuff. Mostly older people, some with grandchildren. The spur is a quick enjoyable trail to the summit. The end has a steep section that ends in stairs that seem to go on longer than they looked from the bottom. A workout for the quads after you hiked 2.5 miles with a pack on. Maybe it was just my lack of conditioning. At the top of the steep section, there is a path to the right that leads to a section with blowdowns offering the best views of the mountain. Back, to the trail the summit is about 60 yards ahead, to a cairn. There are some other views pass the cairn with views to what I am guessing is the north.

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