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West Bond
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Elevation:    4,540 Feet
Summited:   August 18, 2017
Weather:     Start - Rain, 50's
                      End - Rain, 60's
Distance:     11.7 miles
Difficulty:     Difficult (Weather)
Views:          None (Weather)
Route:          Guyot Tentsite → Bondcliff Trail → West Bond Spur →
                      West Bond Summit → West Bond Spur → Bondcliff Trail → Mt. Bond Summit →
                      Bondcliff Trail → Bondcliff Summit → Bondcliff Trail → Wilderness Trail →
                      Lincoln Woods Trail → Lincoln Woods Visitor Center.


Memorable Moments: Mysterious Sexy Snake Charmer, Privy, special outhouse bark stains, So, what happened to the Grizzly bear?,
                     Mr. Pillow / Mr. Mattress, I took the AM!!!, you're supposed to sleep with as little on as possible, just toss your poles,
                     I think I can get that spike, It's not a lie, Do you have a reservation?